The Winston Solar Car Team thanks all of our previous sponsors. We are always on the lookout for new sponsors and a helping hand as getting our car ready for the Solar Car Challenge requires a numerous amount of resources. We always accept donations, funding, parts, and technical assistance. Our newly established sponsorship levels will show how you can support our team; The Winston Solar Car Team appreciates all donations regardless of level. If you would like to sponsor the team, please contact us at winston_solar@winston-school.org or donate to our GoFundMe under the Sponsor-A-Lap tab.

Charged Up!

$100 - $499
• Name/ Corporate Logo listed on www.winstonsolar.com
• Quarterly Newsletter

White Flag... Final Lap!

$2,500 - $4,999
• Charged Up! & Pace Car! benefits
• Name / Corporate Logo on the Winston Solar Car Trailer. This provides priceless exposure anywhere the trailer travels both locally and nationwide.

Winners' Circle!

• Charged Up!, Pace Car!, White Flag... Final Lap!, It's a Wrap!, & Checkered Flag! benefits
• VIP access to the team including place of business site visits. The team will bring the car to your location(s) allowing for demonstrations and test drives by your staff members. Past sponsors have invited local media in order to gain great exposure for their business while also illustrating community outreach to a very compelling cause!

Pace Car!

$500 - $2,499
• Charged Up! benefits
• VIP Access to Winston Solar during Race week at the famed Texas Motor Speedway.
• Access to Winston Solar Concierge during race week... unlimited cold drinks and access to the cooled Pit Row Tent.

Checkered Flag!

$5,000 - $9,999
• Charged Up!, Pace Car!, White Flag... Final Lap!, & It's a Wrap benefits
• Name / Corporate Logo on the Winston Solar Car.
It's a Wrap! Truck Wrap Sponsor
• Your name / corporate logo on the Winston Solar Team's F-250 Ford Truck. This provides priceless exposure anywhere the truck travels both locally and nationwide. The truck is driven year-round in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex... virtually a moving billboard for your business.

Current Sponsors

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The Winston School Solar Team, 2020